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Bigg Boss 17 is becoming interesting with every new episode. But the increasing fights between married couples in the show are disappointing the fans. While on one hand there is a squabble between Aishwarya Sharma and Neil, on the other hand the fights between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are not showing any signs of stopping. While till now fans were commenting on this matter, now actress Kamya Punjabi has reacted on it.

Actually, the distance between Ankita and Vicky is increasing every day in the Bigg Boss 17 house. In such a situation, fans feel that the couple's relationship might get disintegrated due to sports. Meanwhile, Kamya Punjabi has also posted on social media that Ankita should not have come to the show. He has also expressed concern about the relationship between Vicky and Ankita.

Kamya's advice to Ankita Lokhande

Kamya posted on her I hope she understands the game before it's too late for herself and Vicky. Let us tell you that Kamya was a part of the 7th season of Punjabi Bigg Boss.

Ankita kept regretting marrying Vicky

Let us tell you that recently Bigg Boss had removed Vicky Jain from his heart and shifted her to his mind. Ankita Lokhande was very sad after separation from her husband. Whereas Vicky was looking quite excited. In such a situation, Ankita did not like this behavior of Vicky and she had an argument with her husband. During this, Ankita even said that she is regretting marrying a person who does not care about her.

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