Ankita Lokhande now threatens her husband Vicky Jain to leave the house


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The 17th season of Bigg Boss was also in the headlines. In this show of Salman Khan, all the contestants are giving a dose of full entertainment to the audience. However, in the house, Pavitra Rishta fame actress Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain are grabbing the limelight. There is less romance and more fighting between the two in the show. In the recent episode, Vicky and Ankita's mother had also come to console both of them. Amidst all this, in the latest episode, Ankita clearly threatened Vicky that she would leave the house. Let us know here why Ankita said this?

Ankita asks Vicky Jain to stay away from Samarth

In the recent episode, Vicky Jain was seen talking to Samarth Jurel about the personality of Abhishek Kumar. After this, Samarth revealed everything that happened to Vicky to Abhishek. When Abhishek confronted Vicky, all three were caught in a misunderstanding. Referring to this, Ankita Lokhande was seen explaining to her husband Vicky Jain not to get completely involved in the game.

Ankita further said, "If someone doesn't want to talk to you then don't talk to them. I am here for you and those who want to sit with you will sit with you. Who are these people? What are they talking about? Are? They don't know anything about the game. No problem, things happen. I even warned you when you were talking to Samar. Remember I told you not to do that to him, he Will stab you in the back and that's what happened." Ankita further told Vicky, "Vicky, I don't like the way he (Samarth Jurel) talks to you. They are children, I know this. You are stuck in over strategy."

Ankita Lokhande talks to Vicky Jain about Weekend Ka Vaar

Ankita also talked to Vicky about the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Actually, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, host Salman Khan had revealed the game plan of Vicky Jain and Munawar Faruqui. Talking about the same, Ankita told Vicky, "Both you and Munavvar were involved but you showed your mind that you were playing. Munavvar did not show that and played sweetly." He assured Vicky that his relationship with the housemates is much stronger than Munavvar and he will remain in touch with them after his exit from the show.

Ankita threatens Vicky Jain to leave the house

Ankita further said, "Whoever has insulted you is not for anything. This is a game, I understand but these people will not come to my house Vicky and if you bring them then I will leave the house." ." Ankita further explained to Vicky, "I am telling you this because I know you will sort these things out, but Vicky this is making me very sad." He further said, "Munawar has his own way of playing which is not wrong. He is a smart player Vicky. Your cards have now been exposed due to which people no longer have any confidence in you."

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