Pakhi will create ruckus in Kapadia house regarding Dimpy and Titu's relationship


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There is going to be a big blast in Rupali Ganguly starrer serial Anupama. Pakhi has seen Dimpy and Titu together, after which she is going to create a lot of drama in the Kapadia house. In today's episode of the show, it will be seen that as soon as Pakhi comes home with Adhik, she starts screaming loudly. Hearing this, Anupama will go to him and ask what happened. After this Pakhi will say that we had gone to watch a movie but on the way we saw some other movie and the hero of that movie was Tapish and the heroine was Dimpy. Hearing this, Anupama's facial expressions start changing.

Pakhi will destroy Dimpy

Anupama does not believe him. But Pakhi keeps screaming and calls Dimpy characterless. After this she asks Adhik to tell me. But Adhik tells Anupama and Anuj that both of them were just talking normally and Pakhi misunderstood him. Hearing this, Pakhi screams and says that Dimpu and Tapish are having an affair. Hearing all this, all the family members come out. Then Pakhi again tells about Dimpy and Tapish's affair, hearing which Baa gets upset.

Malti Devi will talk about Dimpy and Titu's marriage

Hearing all this, Anupama calms Baa down and scolds Pakhi. But in return Pakhi gives the opposite answer to Anupama, after which Anuj will get angry and he will also shout at Pakhi. Amidst all this, Malti Devi will play her new trick and will say that it is better to get both of them married rather than bear the infamy. Baa will get more nervous after hearing this. After this Anupama will ask everyone to go to their respective rooms. Here Anupama will tell Anuj that I trust Dimpy, if something like this had happened then she would have told me.

Vanraj will give warning to Titu

Here Titu will come to drop Dimpy to Shah house and while both of them are talking, Vanraj will see them and ask Dimpy to go inside. He will appear angry and will ask Titu to stay away from Dimpy. Otherwise it will not be good. Dimpy will be very scared after seeing this form of Vanraj. But Kavya will convince him and ask Dimpy to go inside. But Dimpy will tell Vanraj that she has not done anything. Hearing this, Vanraj will say to concentrate only on work and nothing else.

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