When Anuj brought Anupamaa's parents home, Malti Devi got angry


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The TV show Anupama is in the news these days. In a recent episode of the show, it was shown that Baa and Bapuji's health deteriorates. Younger Anu also falls ill and Anupama gets trapped in all this. Anupama does not understand how to manage everything. But Anuj solves his problem and brings Ba-Bapuji to Kapadia Mansion. Anupama becomes very happy seeing this.

However, seeing Ba and Babulalji there, Malti Devi showers. Malti Devi does not like him here, but she remains silent because of Anju. However, Ba and Babuji have realized that Malti Devi does not like them here. On the other hand, Dimpy and Kavya are living comfortably in the Shah house. Some boys are teasing Dimpy, due to which Dimpy is very scared. There is going to be a lot of festival in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Armaan surprises Ruhi

While what these relationships say in the show, it is being shown in the show that Akshara and Abhira have together taken membership of the jail council. There is a Rangoli competition in the Poddar family. There is a rangoli competition between Kajal and Vidya and Madhavi supports Kajal. There is a surprise plan for Ruhi and Ruhi's name is written in the aerial fire. Ruhi looks quite attractive after seeing your name in the sky. Armaan loves Ruhi. But the family members are planning shopping for Ruhi's marriage with Rohit.

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