Isha Malviya and Khanzaadi crossed limits in fight


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A lot of fights are being seen these days in the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17. Many times an attempt has been made to break into a scuffle. But this time in the fight that has taken place, both the members have crossed all limits of going to the personal level. These two members are none other than Isha Malviya and Firozha Khan alias Khanzadi.

There was a fierce fight between Khanzadi and Isha

In the last episode, a fierce fight was seen between the two girls. Actually, this fight started over Abhishek, after which both of them said so much to each other during the fight that even Munawwar had to come to intervene. Khanzadi had come to talk to Isha, but within some time their conversation turned into an argument.

Khanzadi commented on Isha's personal life

In this argument, Khanzadi told Isha that 'you are jealous of me'. In response to this, Isha said - 'Go and tell Chamchagiri where Papa, Mummy Ankita and Vicky are, have started the love track again for the footage. How could even Khanjadi remain silent in response to this? She also went personal with Isha. He said you are riding on two horses. Your present boyfriend is here as well as your past. You want both together.

After this Isha said while making fun of Khanzadi's illness. Go and fall down, false girl, false report. Go and snuggle with Abhishek…go in the blanket with him…after this Khanzadi again repeated that you two do horse riding…hearing this, Munawwar came in between and asked Khanzadi not to use this word. Warned.

Isha made fun of Khanzadi's face and illness

However, the fight between the two still did not end. Isha then said about Khanzadi's face - fake butox, lip filler, fake beauty, fake report, wheelchair-bound. After this, Khanjadi goes to the room with Abhishek and then after some time comes back and says 'We enjoyed a lot'. After this, Munavvar, Abhishek and Samarth explain to Isha that she should not say such things if she looks wrong.

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