Aanchal Tiwari Opens Up About Casting Couch Experience


'Panchayat 3' has been released on Amazon Prime Video and the series is receiving a great response. While much attention is on the characters of the secretary and pradhan ji, viewers are also praising the performance of Raveena, Rinki's friend in the series.

In an interview, Aanchal Tiwari revealed her experience with the casting couch. She shared how, early in her career, she received a TV serial offer that came with a demand for compromise.

"I Did Not Even Know the Meaning of Compromise Then"

Aanchal Tiwari recounted, "I was asked to compromise. At that time, I had just come to Mumbai in 2018. Initially, I did not even know the meaning of compromise. When I was told I was selected for the TV serial and to come the next day to sign the contract, I was excited."

The Actress Cried After Learning What Compromise Meant

She continued, "Everything was decided, and then I got a message that I would have to compromise. They told me everything was set, and they liked me a lot, but I had to compromise. I didn’t understand what it meant, so I asked my friend. She explained it to me. I refused and cried a lot for the first time. My friend explained that this would keep happening now that I was in Mumbai."

Fame from 'Panchayat 2'

Aanchal also discussed the early days of her career. Coming from a joint family that prioritized education, she managed to audition for theater in 2014 and convinced her family to support her. After working in various advertisements, she gained significant recognition from 'Panchayat 2' in 2022. Following her role in 'Panchayat', Aanchal has been receiving numerous offers for TV serials, web series, and advertisements.

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