Mirzapur Season 4: Ali Fazal Hints at Future Prospects as Season 3 Dominates OTT Platforms

The buzz around "Mirzapur" season 3 is electrifying the OTT scene, with fans eagerly binge-watching all 10 thrilling episodes, each lasting about an hour. The gripping narrative has once again captured the audience's hearts, sparking curiosity about the possibility of a season 4. The tantalizing hint in the final scene of season 3 has left viewers speculating: will there be another chapter in this riveting series?

When Will Mirzapur Season 4 Release?

As of now, the release date for "Mirzapur" season 4 remains under wraps. Reflecting on the series' history, season 2 premiered on October 23, 2020, followed by season 3, which hit screens on July 5, 2024, after nearly three years. Notably, the gap between seasons 1 and 2 was only two years. Based on this pattern, there is speculation that season 4 could arrive around 2026. However, the show's creators have yet to make any official announcements regarding the next season.

Ali Fazal's Insights on the Future of Mirzapur

Post the release of season 3, Ali Fazal shared his thoughts with India Today, revealing his initial doubts and eventual surprise at the series' cult status. "When it first came out, I never knew that it would become so popular," Fazal admitted. "But, I knew that this way of storytelling would work, and I think it was one of the few shows with such a plot. I had seen it in the West and also worked on it, so I was very sure that if the story was crafted correctly, there would definitely be an audience for it because then it was a different medium that was attracting people."

Discussing the challenges faced during season 3, Fazal remarked, "Season 3 was challenging because we constantly had this conversation of 'will there be a next season?' I can't think of any other series... maybe 'Peaky Blinders', I'm not comparing it to that, but I'm saying they have so many seasons coming up, so, be careful too. I think you have to keep up with the world and the characters, that's the challenge we focus on."

As fans eagerly await any news on Mirzapur season 4, the speculation continues, fueled by the excitement and passion the series has ignited.

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