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Do you love your family and if you do, how much do you do it? Do you care about your family and if you do, how much do you do? After watching this film, such questions will definitely come in your mind but some other questions will also come. We will talk about all those questions in this review.


Amitabh and Neena Gupta have four children who are separately settled. Neena dies of a heart attack and then how does Amitabh invite his children to his wife's funeral and do those children really love their family. This is the story of the film. Where Tara ie Rashmika Mandanna, who became a lawyer, is avoiding customs like why cotton is put in the nose after death and why are the feet tied. So there Pavel Gulati is busy in his work and life. Even in the last journey of the mother, the airpods do not come off the ear and the phone goes on working. A son is stuck in Dubai and Amitabh overhears that he is eating butter chicken after hearing the news of his mother's death. At the same time, a son has gone to the mountains and he comes when the mother's last rites have been done. The story raises many questions related to science and faith.

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Amitabh Bachchan has done a wonderful job. Amitabh's acting cannot be reviewed anyway. He fits perfectly in his character. It is nice to see Rashmika Mandanna in a modern character after Pushpa's Srivalli. Rashmika questions the customs. Ask for their logic. Rashmika has done Hindi dubbing well. Although somewhere South accent comes, but even then she manages to win hearts. Rashmika was a big reason for me to watch this film because she looks fresh. There is newness in them. Pavel Gulati has done a good job. In the affair of work, this character, who balances the balance between the family, has also suit him. Rest of the characters are also fine.

The film is a family drama. Somewhere it looks good but still you do not fully connect with the film. Amitabh and Rashmika look good but the film overall seems a bit weak. You are not able to feel the emotion which was expected from this film. The film also makes you laugh, it also tries to make you cry somewhere. Reminds you of family too but if the story and screenplay were a little better, it could have been better. In the end, you do not understand what this film wants to say. You like the film in some parts but the whole film does not bind you. Ramprasad's thirteenth has also been made on the same issue and it was a much better film than this, but even then this film makes you realize that do you really love your family. Do you really care about them? If you are a fan of Amitabh and Rashmika and if you like family drama, then definitely watch this film.

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