Sapna Choudhary Haryanvi Song Love You Gori Re

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Aan, Baan and Shaan of Haryanvi Industry, Sapna Choudhary needs no introduction today. Sapna Chaudhary has made millions of hearts crazy by working hard. Sapna Chaudhary's dance videos have always been dominated on social media. To see Sapna Chaudhary, her fans from far and wide come to her shows. Sapna Chaudhary's popular song Love You Gori Re is becoming very viral on social media for the past several days. In this song, Sapna Chaudhary is seen with Haryanvi actor Harjeet Deewana. This blazing song of Sapna Chaudhary was released in the month of August 2022 on the YouTube channel called Dreams Entertainment.

Social Media 

Seeing this song of Sapna Chaudhary, there was so much shadow on the internet that this song has recently crossed the one million views and made the audience dance to its tune. More than 19000 people have described Sapna as the best by pressing the like button on this song. This song of Sapna Choudhary is sung by Harjit Deewana and Nonu Raja. The lyrics of this song have been written by Monu Sharma. The music of this song is given by GR Music.

Sapna Chaudhary is seen showing her simple style in this video. Sapna, who went on Piya ji's cycle ride, is seen looking at her Piya ji. In this video, Sapna Chaudhary is seen in a blue kurta with a pallu on her head. Seeing Sapna Choudhary swinging in the rain, her fans have lost their hearts. This song of Sapna Chaudhary is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. In the comment box, those who want to praise Sapna Chaudhary are seen writing poetry.

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